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For anyone looking for assistance prior to writing any type of correspondence- three supervisors have volunteered their time to assist in anyway they can. Whether you are looking to respond to a Supervisory Conference, poor Work Performance Evaluation or just general email correspondence, and you are looking for a little assistance in proper wording- please feel free to email PS2 Vinny Musillo, PS2 Anthony Mazzallo or PS John DeBlasio through parks email and they will contact you to give any assistance they can.


We are currently looking for someone to captain our locals Honor Guard. He or she would be in charge of organizing and recruiting members for this prestigious position. The Honor Guard is a great way for our local to show just how professional we are and is a special way of honoring those who have served us in the past. They usually serve at wakes and funerals of former Park Supervisors or Park Officials, but can also be called upon on certain occassions for ceremonies and special events. The only requirement for participitation is that you have the full supervisors dress uniform. Any additional equipment is provided by the local.

Please think about joining up for it is a great way of showing just how proud we are of our current and former members. Anyone interested can please contact PS2 Anthony Mazzallo of Queens at 718-393-7329 or email him at- anthony.mazzallo@parks.nyc.gov.

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