Vinny Musillo


I am a Park Supervisor Level 2 and am currently working in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. I have been with the agency since January of 1986 and have worked my entire career in Queens. I became a provisional supervisor in 1995 and Civil Service supervisor in 2001. I was number 1 on the initial list for PS2 and received that position in April 2005. I became Treasurer of our local in March 2011 and have greatly enjoyed the experience so far. Working alongside an outstanding Executive Board led by our President Mike Zeno, has brought to light how hard we have to work to bring us all together as a local. I have had a few career highlights which include 4 Employee of the Month awards, Supervisor of the Year award from the Columbian Association in 2006, the Parks' Employee of the Year award for 2010 and culminating with the Isaac Liberman award as outstanding civil service employee in 2012.